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"A new idea is the light, which illuminates those things, which had no form for us, before the light fell upon them."




Otto Zern designs, plans and produces unique lamps


Ranging from wall lamps to standard lamps – made out of the most diverse metals such as iron, brass, bronze, stainless steel and glass. You can tell at first glance that our lamps display well-balanced forms, perfect workmanship, light and shadow and – above all – they have a soul.


unique lamps


Light enables us to see, find and observe; the eyes capture the majority of all sensations, and anything we see or want to place in a particular perspective needs to be illuminated. Natural light serves this purpose, as does the light generated by our handcrafted lamps.


Traditional lamps Otto Zern


Historical customised lamps


Modern Lamps



In an era of hectic hustle and bustle and rapid accelerations, we need things that remind us of the real values in life. We need things that give us back our time: the time to pause, the time to reflect, the time to encounter other people and, above all, ourselves, time for contemplation, time for beauty, time for the essential things in life.

By producing our lamps, our goal is to a make a small but special contribution to this requirement of true quality of life. They are the expression of the interaction between artistic freedom and great technical craftsmanship. Each of our lamps is unique due the handcraft invested in it and no two lamps are the same.

Our Online Lamp Shop gives you an insight into our lamp collection.

We are happy to create individually customised models according to your personal wishes.




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