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"Architecture is the aesthetic, correct and magnificent interplay between the structures gathered below the light."

Le Corbusier,
Vers une architecture,




The main focus of our production is on the individual person


In an increasingly hectic world many things do not have the leisure to mature properly.

Otto Zern, the company specialising in wrought-iron craftsmanship, has a long tradition of planning and producing lamps and lighting objects according to ancient handcrafting traditions, combined with contemporary techniques. Otto Zern symbolises high-quality lamps, individually customised models, prefect interplay between light and shadow, and harmonious room ambience.


Thomas K. Zern

Thomas K. Zern





The path taken by Otto Zern for almost 100 years has been striking the balance between preservation and renewal. Our tradition and the careful adaptation of the design to meet today’s needs are the determining factors of our philosophy, rather than the whims of capricious fashion. Thus, handcrafted workmanship and the creativity as regards our customers’ wishes are still of vital significance today, as they guarantee maximum wellbeing, visible high-quality and superior class.

The consistent lack of compromise in the quality, which allows only selected high-quality materials, and the intensive love of detail make Otto Zern’s objects unmistakable calling cards of good taste in wrought-iron craftsmanship and specialised lamp design.

Family tradition
For three generations the Zern family has been teaching experience, tradition and handcrafting ability and passing it on to their employees. In the third generation Thomas K. Zern is responsible for ensuring that the good things inherited from the olden days are preserved and constantly rejuvenated by the impulse and drive of youth.

Thomas K. Zern
Managing Director of the company and wrought-iron master craftsman Thomas K. Zern has been managing the company in Berchtesgaden since 1999. Thomas K. Zern develops, designs and produces exclusive lamps for the interior and exterior area. Otto Zern Lamps gives you the opportunity to acquire beautifully designed interior and exterior lamps made of the most diverse materials in the online shop.




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