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"Darkness would have had to have preceded the light."

Giacomo Casanova




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Josef Hoffmann:

Josef Hoffmann

Josef Franz Maria Hoffmann (* 15 December 1870 in Pirnitz, Austria-Hungary, today: Czech Republic; + 7 May 1956 in Vienna) was an Austrian architect and designer.

Adolf Loos:

Adolf Loos

Adolf Loos (* 10 December 1870 in Brünn; + 23 August 1933 in Kalksburg (now belonging to Vienna) was an Austrian architect and architectural theorist. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of the modern school of Central European architecture.

Koloman Moser:

Koloman Moser

Koloman Moser (also: Kolo Moser) (* 30 March 1868 in Vienna; + 18 October 1918 in Vienna) was an Austrian painter, graphic artist and artisan.

Otto Zern:

Otto Zern

Otto Zern (* 15. October 1900 in Wolfen; + 31 December 1982 in Berchtesgaden) was a wrought-iron master craftsman, technician and pioneer of the traditional.

Karl O. Zern:

Karl O. Zern

Karl O. Zern (* 10 January 1935 in Berchtesgaden) is a wrought-iron master craftsman and vital to the operation due to his knowledge. A planner and perfectionist.

Thomas K. Zern:

Thomas K. Zern

Thomas K. Zern (* 28 August 1969 in Berchtesgaden) is a wrought-iron master craftsmen and designer and is reanimating the wrought-iron craftsmanship with the ancient handcrafting traditions. 1988 regional champion in wrought-iron craftsmanship, third place in the national championship in 1988.




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