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Handcrafted perfection in lighting and design


"We cannot stave off the night, but we can kindle a light."

Franz von Assisi




For a life unburdened by time constraints


There are moments when life is simply wonderful. Such moments happen often enough by chance. However, clever people can give themselves a helping hand. The best way to do so is to surround ourselves with people who are important to us and with veritably beautiful things. As is generally known, the beauty in question comes from within and, in the best possible scenario, permeates right through to the outside. That’s why we don’t just take the design of our lamps in our own hands; together with our light designers we also guarantee that the illumination is harmonious. Our lamps are more than just designer objects, at first glance pleasing of even impressive.


individual design



Those who have found their personal style, usually after a very long search, will find lifelong companions in the Otto Zern collection, which are produced completely in the tradition of timeless existence. Created from the combination of technical and artistic handcraft, of design and function, borne by three generations: light for a life unburdened by time constraints. And unburdened by time constraints are the very places where moments of happiness are at home.




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