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"Let your light shine, open your hearts and let them be like candles: warming and glowing!"




Interplay between light and shadow


Light shines. It enlightens. It makes that which was previously hidden in the dark visible. Yet it doesn’t fully enlighten it, for it also throws a shadow. Only the interaction between light and shadow lends contour to the visible.


individual planning


A room receives architectonic character due to the appropriate style of lamp. Our work comprises more than just specialised lamp design.

The ideal light staging is important to give a room depth and life: where should one use a bright light, how many light fixtures are needed to illuminate the room according to its use, which areas should be emphasised.

The example in the following photograph shows an old arch:


individually costomized lamps

your home with handmade lamps


We made it our task to ensure that the special architectonic details were emphasised even more by the light and shadow thrown by the lamps.

The important thing was to emphasise the depth of the room and to add more emphasis to the beautiful sweeps of the arch. We chose indirect lighting by means of wall lamps, which better enhanced the rounded arch and illuminated the steps somewhat. It was important to choose an atmospheric light that didn’t blind.

How does the company of Otto Zern approach the production of individually customised models? First, the type of lamp is established: wall lamp, ceiling light, direct or indirect light. Our knowledge is then combined with our customers’ ideas and reconciled with the architectonic environment, thus creating ambiances and unique lighting for your individual home. We would be pleased to advise you on all these points and to present you with various lighting plans and designs.




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