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"Light allows life, it symbolises happiness and perfection and reflects the ambience of a room."




Timeless lamps from previous epochs


The Bauhaus, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau styles from 1920 until 1940 have a very strong influence on the design of Otto Zern and other artists of this era. Those designs, which constituted a kind of artistic revolution in their day.


lamps from previous epochs


Designs, which today still fit perfectly into every home: organic and floral Art Nouveau elements, symmetrical Art Deco forms and minimalist Bauhaus designs. Lamps exclusively produced according to original designer and architect concepts, elaborately handcrafted, using the most precious materials and original embossing dies and tools. Lamp and light reproductions produced using ancient techniques and equipped with modern lighting techniques.


historical lamps

perfect workmanship

free-blown glasses

made with ancient machines


We have the ancient machines needed to manufacture lamps from the turn of the century in the original style, including cutting dies, casting moulds, lathe tools and other technical equipment indispensable in the manufacture of such lamps. The latter are manufactured by hand in small true-to-the–original batches according to original designs in the accredited arts and crafts operation. The material used is usually solid brass. The surface may be polished and lacquered or galvanised. The lamps’ solid cast parts are individually formed by hand in sand, with some form being lost after the casting and needing to be recreated. Smooth conduits are drawn through old moulding tools, thus retaining their profile due to this process. The glasses are free-blown; they are individually blown into the wet hollow form under continuous rotation, thus receiving the desired form and the unique interplay between light and shadow.




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